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We have some products here for kids of ALL ages!  You can choose from our All-Natural Clear Glycerin Soap, that is hand-rolled with our All-Natural Shea Butter Soap to create a lollipop soap that smells just like the real thing!  A great addition to the bathtub for the little ones to wash with!  If that doesn't interest you, maybe you'd like to try our All-Natural Soap Paints.  It's a fun way for kids to wash up in the tub or shower!  Paint your body, paint the walls and let them be the artist!  Its completely stain free, so don't hold back, let them go CRAZY!!!
Lollipop Soaps - Product Image
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Lollipop Soaps

 Price: $3.50
Soap Paint - Product Image
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Soap Paint

 Price: $9.00