The Basket Case Soap Comapny - Endwell, NY

Our Company

Well let’s see…where should we begin?!

After pouring our first bar of soap many, many years ago, it's been almost a continuous pour ever since!

Our evolution of our product line and the inspiration comes to us from many different places. Items such as our foaming soaps or sanatizers where simply a logical expansion of The Basket Case Soap Company brand. Our scents and comminations are often derived from something we have seen, something we have smelled or even a combination of both! Some of our best creations have even come to us by accident…and honestly, those have turned out to be some of our most popular selling products.

At The Basket Case Soap Company we constantly strive to provide you with only the BEST products, and that starts with the raw ingredients.  We do it all, from growing our own herbs, to picking just the right exfoliates for your skin.  Everything that we provide for you, is done in house!

We don’t sell any products that we don’t make ourselves and therefore we can not only ensure your receive a quality, made product, but also at a reasonable price.

Whether you like herbal scents or fruity ones, we have something for you.

The past few years have been quite a journey & we couldn’t have done it without all of YOU! Our continued success is all due to all of our GREAT smelling, loyal clients like yourself! We are constantly working to create new & fun ways for you to pamper and Indulge yourself. If you haven’t already began the Indulgence order one of our packages and learn why pampering yourself has never been this simple! Gift certificates are always available for that someone special.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, stick around & enjoy the ride…the suds have just begun!